the child left to stand too soon
on her own accord
fades from the world
too ineffectual to face it
it is a spiritual starving
that hollows her out from inside

this is not the time to burden her with structure
the demands of an adult world
cripple tender bones
she must be nurtured to grow

here are the parents
indoctrinating a world view
preaching the harshness of life
what can it help injuring
inflicting the violence that wrenches free
disembodies and spreads disease?
they justify it as a warning

it is this self mutilation
projected upon the girl
that they cannot acknowledge
savage action belies the shame
they will not bow to her divinity
the pace of her unfolding

she mourns at the grave of fireflies
of that which cannot be recovered
begging compassion for the one
that has yet to learn to stand
the one that lies uncovered