There’s an entire continent
In that peeling nail polish
The world’s entropic dance
Can’t help but make art of destruction

Disintegrating, devolving, dissociating,
Towards a state of inert uniformity
Carving patinaed edges
Forming tactile depressions for transduction
In the living mind
Electrochemical impulses traversing, stimulating, releasing

This is at the core, the throbbing center
Where a membrane of such fragile tenderness
Demarcates life from the inanimate
Circumscribed within vigorous life fights
To exchange, order, devour, enhance, commune

The universal forces destroy
With guileless, uncostly effort
To reductionistic perfection

Life consumes to build
Glory resides in a state of uniform inconsistency
Each inimitable, nonpareil, extraordinary cell
Is a magnanimous, unprecedented, capricious impulse
Toward life