Photo credit: Rosie Hardy

Enraptured Subtleties Caressing MP3 (click on this link to hear the poem read)

Calligraphic signifiers rouse masterful enumerators
while language seduces inscribed astral bodies
with pneuma piqued by enraptured subtleties caressing phosphorus membranes
upon tetrahedral ascetics performing ignoble traversals over Gaussian eliminations
filled with fatuous genuflections

meanwhile bold succulent hedonists nuzzle watchful questioning contrarians
into a tremulous daring surrender
jousting firm convictions encircled by kyriarchy
infatuated with a once pellucid order blown apart in the mysterium tremendum
that whispers bouquets of adoration and certitude unending

concede merge meld
suck wonder and lyrical promises
floating in ephemeral delirium
buoyed by shocking avidity penultimate
wrapped in desirous glowing sensual unraveling