Anna Montgomery, Chromapoesy, Chromagrify, new media

Sand Swept Vaults Asunder MP3 (<— click to hear poem read)

Vacuous metallic corpuscles of atrophied carnival houses
with moth flitted undercarriages toppled by dew drops
verdant encounters alight on ships autocratic thunder
while jacks tear sewn clamped muscles

tethered pulleys follow sand swept vaults asunder
lightening dives aquatic glow leading horses
until epiphanies along lichen paths
to feathered bodices wrapped in crocus

erudite ladling of wisdom’s meandering
caricatures stumble upon crested nations
trailing caches and eel holes while snow
leopards prowl vicarious passages
literature kneels for car exhaust fouled tresses
veil occidental communication trips ether
grading terrible morasses
counting infinite loops of harbors creating