Sense impressions intermingled
With a coruscant intellect
Create vivid imaginings – connectedness

A thousand flashes of memory
Rest stops, fragments of homes
The smell of mountains
I cede these visages
Imagery sung by loquacious tongues

In the shadowed corners
All the fears, debts, atrocities are piled up
There’s no escape from responsibility
We’re all complicit, culpable

Our wellspring of shame
Familial bonds and human failings
Mythologies reveal the hidden dangers
Of archetypal activism as we lose ourselves in
Over-identification, righteousness, or doubt

Each moment of conjunction
Reciprocity – when my embodied self
Ameliorated the suffering of another
Or my own is a gift
This rare moment of communion

Intertwining insights
Deeply held convictions
Passions of the mind
Emotive effusions of art
Papered meanings
Visual striving, resolution
Melodic companions
I weep, overwhelmed by sheer beauty

These offerings, sacrifices pointing toward
Divine grace and awe
Genuflections and contrition
All lead to promises of an immortal soul