Lamp bearer, have you been ahead
into the recesses of the night?
Have you seen beyond the veil?

Your vision of our imploding star
inescapable causality in an infinite universe
share it with me so I may
rehearse loss, practice terror

I want to feel the anguish
to savor it, anticipating
an inoculation against the flood
of unbearable and horrific scenes

About the pain –
you must burn me
a bit with your lantern
here in the night so sparing me
consumption by fire in the coming encounter

Stay close, but always in front
I pray for you to feel before me
relay your scarred wisdom
that I may walk under the illusion
of seeing the encroaching void

Help me feign naïveté
to believe I’m never alone
not truly alone
within the small circumscribing glow
of your beacon
a shadow but breathing just the same.