We set a time and place
Compass points in
an unending universe

It seems an easy thing
Finding you
Finding anything

The key is to be specific
Terra Firma
Objects in space
An embodied individual

But perception tilts,
The round world spins
What if string theory is only a beginning?

The shifting known
The ever present unknown

I believe in this future
One event after another
To keep a fragile mind fixed somewhere

They tell me there is no central intelligence
No consciousness observing,
overseeing the multifaceted psyche

No woman in the theater of the mind
Watching the movie of my life

So limited by my senses –
On second thought, it may be a miracle to meet you
On any road, anywhere, at any time

If I rejoice you’ll forgive me
These simple, containable plans
Go marching into the wild
To the deepest unknowns.